MaaiDesign Tour: see you at six

I enjoy looking through my old sewing projects. I am still proud of some, others make me cringe, but I learned something from each and every one of them. One of the things I have learned is that the choice of fabric can be crucial.

When Maaike asked if I would be interested to join her blog tour promoting the new range of fabric in her shop MaaiDesign I did not hesitate to say yes. I have purchased fabric from MaaiDesign before, and I was always happy with it.

Sewing for kindergarten: the Moiano raincoat

We have celebrated a lot of 'firsts' this year. The first smile, the first tooth, rolling over and sitting up for the first time...

But there has also been the first day of school, the first reader, the first parent-teacher interview...

My cheeky big girlie is a school girl now. Which means I can finally participate in Mie's annual Sewing for Kindergarten series! The series celebrates children who start the first year of compulsory education. For us in Victoria, Australia, it is Prep. Australian school year starts at the end of January - early February, so Miss R is over half way through her first year of schooling.

Lotta skirt

I started working on a pair of jeans for Miss R a few weeks ago. She said she would not wear them. So I made her a skirt instead.

Janneke dress for the first Birthday party

Our precious Baby L turned one last week.

Anspired - Lua sleeping bag

I think sewing bloggers love celebrating. We celebrate new babies, milestones, friends' pattern releases, new beginnings. Today a few of us came together to celebrate our mutual friend An.

An blogs at StraightGrain. She is a talented designer behind StraightGrain patterns. An has been offering PDF patterns for some time and recently produced her first paper pattern. Everything An makes is beautiful and inspiring. She knows how to choose perfect fabric and prints for her projects. Her attention to detail is impeccable. And she is a great person to get to know!

When Suz proposed to have a surprise party for An I knew I wanted to make something using one of her patterns. I have already made the Ishi dress and the Tinny dress for Miss R. I also have the Hanami dress and top and the Moiano coat patterns. I am sure Miss R would have loved these also. However...

Yes, I made a Lua sleeping bag for Baby L. This is yet another brilliant pattern designed by An. I tried to incorporate the things that I think An likes while making this sleeping bag.

Top Knot tunic - the lazy edition

When Miss R saw a green and blue romper I made for her baby sister she asked me to make her something from the same fabric. I was more than happy to grant her wish :)

I 'hacked' the Top Knot romper/dress/tunic pattern by Calk and Notch to make a top for Miss R. This, my friends, is the laziest hack I have ever done.

Lila jumpsuit for winter

 Winter is coming.