Friday, 20 December 2013

Romper-pa-pa! Oh, and another little shirt

I got to sew something for a little boy again! A dear friend welcomed a new grandson into her family. She asked if I could make a romper and a shirt for him. Of course, with pleasure!

While she was sleeping I made a romper using Puperita's Happy Frog Romper pattern. Imagine this cute little romper on a new baby boy with his little arms and legs waving around. Just precious.

I bought this pattern last year and have not had a chance to use it yet. I loved the unusual shape of this romper. I am so glad I finally had an excuse to make it. Check out the bodice!

Last winter I made a dress for Little Monkey using the Princess Baby dress pattern that has similar bodice.

You can see more photos and read about the dress here. Making the bodice for the second time was much quicker!

The romper is semi-lined, so it is perfect for Aussie summer! The fit is generous so my friend's new grandson should feel very comfortable in it.

Little snap studs will allow a quick access to a little bottom when it needs a clean nappy. 

Small button closures - here is a cute little romper-pa-pa!

Once again I am pleased with Puperita's pattern and instructions. I know Puperita puts a lot of time and effort into designing her patterns, and it certainly shows. The romper was pretty easy to make. The only challenge I had was the fact that I could not find matching blue or orange fabric or bias tape to make piping to outline the pocket!

Here is a little shirt I made for my friend's grandson:

I used yet another one of Puperita's patterns - Going on safari shirt pattern. You can see another shirt I made using the same pattern here.

I tried to match the print on the pocket, but I just couldn't get it right. After making three pockets that I thought matched perfectly but in fact did not, I gave up. You win this battle, little pocket. Nasty little thing you are!

The collar on this shirt looks uneven because I made buttonholes too far from the edge of the shirt and did not realise this until I cut them - of course!Will you believe me if I tell you the collar is perfectly even? Please?

Ah, sewing for little people is so much fun! This little set - the romper in particular - nearly make me want another baby!

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  1. Lucky baby - the romper is very sweet, as is the shirt. Cute fabric too!

    1. Thank you Marisa :) This fabric was on a clearance shelf at Spotlight a few months ago - can you believe it? Of course I had to snatch a couple of meters even though I did not have a project in mind for it!

  2. These are both so sweet and I love seeing all this summer sewing! We had snow this morning- a rare treat. And I agree, sewing for babies is the best. So little fabric, so fast, such cute patterns, and easy to fit!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. One more benefit of sewing for babies - you will never hear that something is not good enough because there are no pockets or buttons on a garment!

  3. Sooooo cute!! Love the fabric you've chosen. Nearly makes me want another baby too... ;)

    1. hahaha Thanks Renee :) It is a pity I didn't buy a sewing machine till LM was no longer a baby :)

  4. So cute, Jenya! Love the fabric! Babies are so cute! (No, I am not having another one, LOL)

  5. Love the romper, cluck cluck cluck! What a find that fabric was, gorgeous, I love bunting fabric!

  6. I know what you mean about sewing rompers and 'room in your womb' awareness.
    Its absolutely gorgeous!
    xx N

  7. Cute! I can see you have aced on the print, as always.

  8. Yes, I definitely believe that the collar is straight! And that romper is just adorable!


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